We stock and install Hydrabed bale handling truck beds.  You will find that they are great for thier intended purpose of moving and feeding bales.  You will also find them very handy for a lot of other chores.  Everyone always does!!  These are the best bale beds on the market!  All of the other manufacturers will compare themselves to Hydrabed.  They like to say they are "as good as Hydrabed".  Hydrabed is the industry leader and the standard by which all others are measured.

Hydrabed model 200 bale bed
  *   with 3rd hydraulic valve for auxiliary equipment
  *   professionally installed with factory mounting parts
  *   size designed for long box single rear wheel pickups

PLEASE NOTE:  There is an extra charge if we have to remove equipment, accessories, or trash in order to remove the pickup box from your truck.

For detailed pricing, options, and accessories please call 307-532-1054.



Meeting the Needs of Farmers & Ranchers
Call us to learn about our delivery area or let our expert technicians mount a flat bed or bale bed on your truck.  Add under body boxes or across bed boxes for secure storage.  Our family-owned shop provides products and services especially selected to help the local farmer or rancher with their vehicles.

We recently added Hilsboro flafbeds to our large selection of beds for your truck.  Check out their their sharp-looking aluminum bed as well as the others they carry on their website.